House Rules


Dog Playcare at Ruby Dog Ranch

The SITTERZ, LLC. facility is located just off of M Street in Gering, Nebraska at the Ruby Dog Ranch. This hidden gem is open from Monday through Friday for dog play and socialization. We do require that you have an appointment to attend and that you have passed an assessment and intake process with Lorrie Wold to determine the suitability of your dog to the playgroup.

We open daily at 7:00 am and the closing time is 1:00 pm from Monday through Friday. If you are wondering if the playcare group is right for your dog, please call Lorrie at (308) 641-5351 to initiate the screening process.

Your dog must be current on all vaccinations and be spayed/neutered. Any aggressive actions by your dog against the staff or other dogs will result in being asked to withdraw from the playcare service. We will do everything we can to avoid this. The dogs are supervised at all times.

Dog Playcare at Ruby Dog Ranch

Dog Walks and Potty Breaks

We do not use prong collars or shock collars.  A midday walk or potty break is offered to accommodate special circumstances. Walks and/or breaks are 30 minutes in duration. Walks are not provided in extreme heat or very low-wind chills, but an opportunity for your pet to get outside and have a break during a long day is available.


Dog Walks and Potty Breaks

Weather Policy

The staff of SITTERZ, LLC. will take every action possible to keep your animals safe during inclement weather. The Dog Playcare is open during snowy and rainy days; however, we do close when the forecast is for very low-wind chills or temperatures unsafe for the animals and staff. During storm season, we may close for the entire day if the forecast is for a high probability of thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes.

For in-home customers, we will do everything possible to get to your home during a snowstorm. We ask that you have an alternative contact person in your neighborhood that could walk to your home in the event of an unpassable storm. We will follow your instructions for securing your animals when there is a storm warning or tornado warning. We will not travel to your home in active storm warnings.

Weather Policy

Service Policy

SITTERZ, LLC. reserves the right to refuse services if we feel the environment is unsafe for our staff or the animals. We have a philosophy of pet care that focuses on the rights and tender care of animals and will not participate in any activity, which we feel is unsafe, unkind, or restrictive to the animals. We will attempt to provide care in your home as you instruct us—unless we believe it is a compromise of our pet care philosophy and would then ask that you not use our services.

Service Policy

Dog Training Policy

Lorrie will complete a meet and greet and assessment of you and your dog to determine training needs. Lorrie will determine if you are a good candidate for the positive reinforcement method of training. Lorrie is not a dog behaviorist and will not be able to address issues of aggression in a dog. AKC Canine Good Citizen training and testing are available by appointment.

Dog Training  Policy

Privacy Policy

At SITTERZ, LLC., your privacy and asset protection are of principal concern to us. In order to provide you with the best services possible, we have policies in place to protect both your information and your personal belongings. We do not divulge the identity of our clients to anyone outside our business. If, through other sources, people know you are one of our clients, they would not know the exact dates of service. Furthermore, if someone comes to your home while we are there to perform our pet sitting duties, we will not divulge any information other than we are performing a service for you.

We will not be able to take any messages at this time. If someone contacts us with an urgent need to contact you, regardless of their relationship with you, we will contact you. We will not give out your contact information to anyone.

Privacy Policy

Liability Policy

SITTERZ, LLC. maintains a current liability insurance policy that covers the actions of our staff. If you decide to have other persons or family members come into your home to assist with the pet care during the reservation you have with us, it will negate our liability coverage as we cannot cover the actions of persons not employed by SITTERZ, LLC.

Liability  Policy


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Skipper’s Cupboard

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