Things You Need to Know About Our Pet Care Services

How do I set up services?

Call Lorrie at (308) 641-5351 to gather information and see if we have a service that may fit your need. We begin the process with a meet and greet to determine if your circumstances and your pet will fit with our services and to allow you to meet us. The meet and greet is done in your home and is also needed for those wanting dog walks and dog training.

This allows us to assess the temperament of your pets, the accessibility of your home, and how your animals react to us. Screening for dog playcare groups is done by appointment at the Ruby Dog Ranch.

What happens if you are injured on my property, or something gets lost or broken?

SITTERZ, LLC is fully bonded and insured through a local insurance agency that covers these types of issues, however, we are committed to preventing any such occurrences.

How many times will you come to my home?

SITTERZ, LLC staff will come to your home as many times as you ask. Anything above four visits must be negotiated as to the price.

Do you stay overnight or do you kennel?

We do not provide either of these services.

How do you guard my privacy? (Also, see the “Privacy Policy” section)

We do not talk about our customers to anyone. Your privacy and protection of your property are important to us. We will not reveal details of your travel reservations on social media or on our website.

How do you get a key and how do I get it back?

If SITTERZ, LLC services are agreed to at the meet and greet, a key or directions on how to enter your home (i.e., garage door code) are exchanged at that time. If SITTERZ, LLC is going to be used regularly, you may provide a key that stays with us. If owners prefer to have the key returned after each reservation, we will drop off the key once you have returned home.

What if my dog (cat, bunny, bird, etc.) takes medication?

At the meet and greet, we are shown how the animal takes the medication and when. We will follow any directions, including “tricks” used to get pets to take their meds. We understand that not all animals enjoy this activity. Lorrie is trained in Pet First Aid and is able to give medications, including injections. The medication administration process is carefully observed and documented during the meet and greet, and a video can be taken if deemed necessary.

What do you do when you come for a visit?

Each visit includes exercising your pet, walking (if requested), cleaning litterboxes (for cats), scooping up “business” in the yard for extended leave times, feed at scheduled times, give meds as directed, and, of course, PLAY with your pet(s). Most visits last for 30–45 minutes.

Got more questions?

Call or email us with your questions, we will respond within 24 hours.